July 19, 2024

Princess Party Pictures and FREE Printables

A quick look at my daughter’s Princess Party…  It was lots of fun.  We held it at my home.  She had 11 of her friends over for 2 hours of crafts, games, and cupcakes.  My goal was to keep the girls busy for a full 2 hours.  I did not want too much time for free play.  I packed up all the toys in the playroom and turned bookshelves around so that the toys on the shelves would not be a distraction.  Plus it makes for less clean-up after all the kiddos leave – no toys thrown all over the floor. 
My invitations included my daughters pictures.  They printed post card size.  (CLICK HERE) to print a similar invitation.  You will need publisher so you can modify the words.
Here is the cake made with the


I have collected Disney Snow Globes for years.  They finally came in handy as the centerpieces.  My Daughter loves them so she was thrilled to see them come out their case.  Note the Scene Setter in the background.  These are so cool and they do not require you to use anything sticky on your walls.  They just cling.  I highly recommend them.
I used my daughters Princess Plushes as decorations too.  I also made a Happy Birthday Banner.  It is free to download as well (CLICK HERE)!!!
When the kiddos arrived, they colored Princess Frames with their pictures already in the frames.  I also created a fun Princess coloring sheet.  You can create a coloring page too.  All you have to do is search for the images you would like to use online.  There are soooooo many!
As far as food, I did not do much.  I made it so the party fell after lunch and before dinner.  So the girls at the party had cupcakes and ice cream.  They drank Pink Lemonade.   I had some moms stay.  I had a large bowl of popcorn, pretzels, apples and dip, and some Princess Sugar cookies set out for the moms to stay.  I packed aways one cookie for each girl to take home with them.  I think the crown cookie cutter and the glass slipper cookie cutter are so cute!!!

We played…
1.) A Princess Hunt – The girls used their clipboards and a pen.  They listened to clues that led them to a princess.  When they found the picture of the Princess, they also found a treat to put in their favor bag.
Here is the Princess Check Off list)
3.) Princess Walk – Layout pictures of princesses.  Play music and stop it.  Call out a Princess.  Girl standing on the Princess you call wins a Silly Band.  Play till everyone wins. 
4.) Princess Relay – Every princess takes turns crawling through the Princess Tunnel, goes into the first Princess Tent and puts on a Princess Necklace, goes into the second tent and puts on a Princess Dress, runs out and tags the next princess to go.  They then stand in to lines; the Princess Tattoo Line and the Princess Make-up Line.  When they are done they look like Royalty.
As part of the Princess Hunt they girls were given a treat from many princesses which they stored in their princess bag.  The favors included: A Princess CD (Click here to see and Print the Label), a glass slipper, a magic mirror (each mirror said who is the fairest of them all!), a heart, a bracelet, and a few other goodies. 
Ahhhh….  It’s always fun for me to throw my kids a party… but the wine after the event always tastes soooo gooooooddddd!