June 16, 2024

Meet Our Sound Muncher…

Need to work on letter sounds, rhyming, or sight words? Need to work on other Phonemic Awareness Activities – Phonemic awareness describes the awareness skills used to detect, blend, segment and manipulate individual sounds in words.  Here’s a sure way to get your PreK to first grader excited about these tasks…  Make a Sound Muncher…  Meet Munchy, he’s our Sound Muncher. 

He’s a mini flip garbage can purchased at the Dollar Store.  We added a mouth, eyes, and some letter stickers and like magic he came alive ready to work on phonics skills.  You can download his body parts here.  You can also download his belly stickers and a sound muncher song here.  Print on Avery Sticker Paper and stick to your Muncher!!!

Once your Muncher is ready to munch you can start to have so much phonics fun!!! 
Grab a buddy and try this activity:

With a Buddy – use ABC Flashcards (click here to print a set) to review letter sounds.   Take Turns and   –Say the letter.  –Say the sound it makes.  –Tell a word beginning with the sound then “feed” the Sound Muncher!

Be sure to also download these Sound and Picture Flash cards from http://www.kizclub.com.
If you have never visited Kizclub, you should!  It has some of the best free Pre-K to First grade resources you can find online!!!

Below is a video of my daughter and I working with the sound muncher.  Today he was hungry for all sorts of treats.  I laid out various pictures and asked my daughter to feed him one that rhymes with ______, or which one starts with the sound ______________, or which one ends with the sound ______________.

The Sound Muncher is so much fun and an easy way to get kiddos excited about working on phonics skills.  They just love to see the Sound Muncher come out.

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