June 17, 2024

Meet Modge Podge – My New Friend…

Here he is…  My new friend, Mr, Modge Podge.  I love saying those two words for some reason…  Modge Podge!  I first noticed this little guy at Skip to My Lou on this post.   She takes a plain boring clipboard and with some scrapbook paper and some modge podge, she creates….
So pretty…  Wouldn’t these be great end of the year gifts for your students?  Attach a fancy pen and they can keep writing all summer!  The small clipboards are found at the dollar store!  So your end of the year gift would cost you around $1.25 a child. 
My son and daughter love using clipbaords.  They are handy in the car for travel.  I will tear out a coloring page and my daughter can color while I drive.  They are handy for taking a practice spelling test while waiting at the Doctors office or while your other kids play sports.  Kids love them…  You need to get some and some Modge Podge and make them all pretty.
I decided to try Modge Podge for the first time and made clipboards as party favors.  My daughter had a Princess Party and the girls went on a scavenger hunt through the house looking for Princesses….  So of course they needed a little clipboard to mark their princess findings off on. 
I needed to make 12 rather quickly… so I learned lots and will be ready to make some for my home organization system (coming soon).  These ones I kinda slopped together, but they looked cute.  I used pink spray paint to coat the top.  Most people measure the paper, I just eye balled it and cut.  I also personalized it by printing out the girls pictures and names for their boards. I tired a ribbon to the top. 
My daughter has gotten some good use out of hers already.  And it was fun to use “my new friend” for the first time and begin to think of all the cool things you can do with Mr. Modge Podge.
Speaking of Mr. Modge Podge, you have to see Just Between Friends.  At this blog she used scrapbook paper and Modge Podge to make a back splash in her kitchen.  I am in total amazement over how it turned out.  Go check it out!!!