July 19, 2024

Go Turkey A Friend….

Here’s a little something similar to being Boo’ed!  It’s a fun way to thank a friend…  I got this last year and I am still not sure who it was from 😉 … thought I would share if you were looking to thank the people who have been good friends in your life this year.   If you have one good friend in your life, than you are very lucky and should go Turkey them!!!

(click on the graphic above and then print it to send out!)
Someone is Thankful to have you as a friend!
A “Turkey of Thanks” is what they send!
A little reminder, that you are special in your own way,
Making a certain friend thankful to God for YOU today!
The holidays quickly grow busy and we often forget to thank the ones that are always there to lend a hand or an ear to listen…   The friends that are there for you in good times and bad.  You happen to be one of my favorite friends!  So this little treat is something I picked out just for you.   If I did my job as I was told, you will never know who sent you this treat.  However, I hope it will bring you a smile and make you feel special!  You truly are a great friend!  I am thankful to God for the blessing of you in my life.  This treat comes with a few rules and requests that will help make others know that they touch lives too.
1.  You cannot ask anyone directly if they Turkey-d you. 
The best Turkey-ers will not let you know they did Turkey you, even if they did!!!
2. Copy this letter and the attached turkey three times.
3. Pick three friends or neighbors to anonymously send this to.  Include a small treat for each friend.  Something that reminds you of the certain friend.  Please send before Thanksgiving. 
4. Do your best not to share that you were the one who Turkey-d your friend.