July 23, 2024

Halloween Gyphs

“Glyphs are non standard way of graphing a variety of information to tell a story. It is a flexible data representation tool that uses symbols to represent different data. Glyphs are an innovative instrument that shows several pieces of data at once and requires a legend to understand the glyph. The creation of glyphs requires problem solving, communication, and data organization.” Learn more about Glyphs at Suite101: Glyphs for Kids: How to Create Glyphs

A Huge Halloween High Five to Kim Koehler at kckoehler12@yahoo.com for sharing this Halloween Glyph!

Here is the key for the haunted house. I do either a haunted house or a scarecrow each year. I recently had students who did not participate in Halloween, so we made scarecrows that year instead of the houses. I have the key and worksheet in Word with the neat font too. So here it is here: It is a pretty complicated glyph that I do with my third graders.

black house means I am a girl, brown house means I am a boy

tall door= I have pets, short door= I do not
skinny door= I have a computer, wide door= I do not

tall chimney= I have blonde or red hair, short chimney= I have black or brown hair
skinny chimney= I wear glasses, wide chimney= I do not

yellow moon= 8 years old, white moon= 9 years old

The number of windows equals the number of hours I go trick or treating

The number of ghosts represents my brothers and sisters

The color of my sign tells the month of my birthday

The bats flying around mean nothing but Halloween fun!

*** You can change any of these to fit with an all Halloween theme or any other questions you think of. I also have the kids put spider webs on it, but don’t have any on my sample. I show them how to put the webs on using my sample and then take them off to store it. It is pretty beat up from being around for a few years, but still gets the idea across pretty well.

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