July 17, 2024

Relay Time – Back To School Style!

Kids love a good relay!  Here’s an idea for a day at the park before going back to school.  This would even be fun in school at the kiddos first gym class. 
I put together a back  to school scavenger hunt for some of my friend’s kiddos.  Like this one last year!  It was a fun time with a craft, coloring, relay race, treats, and even a balloon toss.  Great way to say goodbye to summer and hello to back to school.  I think it will be my new tradition each August to end the summer. 
Thought I would share the Relay Race idea!
Basically you set up two sides of the same course.  My course consisted of…
Sleeping Bag – Kids sleep and wake up for school when tagged by their friend.
Chair with baggies of cereal for each player – Time for breakfast..  Kids run to chair, sit in it, and eat their cereal.
Hula Hoop with Backpack – Kids run to Hula Hoop and put on their backpack.
Hula Hoop With Bus – Kids run to the bus stop.  Can’t miss the bus on the first day.
School – Ride the bus to school and under the school (table with balloons) and then run and tag a blow up crayon at the end of the relay.
Then it is time to go home.  Kids run back through relay.  Under the school.  Ride the bus back to the Hula Hoop.  Drop the bus in the Hula Hoop.  Run to next Hula Hoop and drop off back pack.  Tag the person in the sleeping bag  It is their turn.   
It was a fun day! 
Next party to plan…  A small lego party for my son and three of his friends!!!!