July 23, 2024

Back To School Bulletin Boards!

Teachers are putting up a few bboards today to get ready for back to school!!!  Here are a few ideas for your boards!!!

Class Bus

Create a large school bus and put photos (or drawings) of your children’s heads (in the windows. Add your classes name or the teachers name to the side of the bus.

Cut pieces of paper (one for each child) to look like popcorn and put a picture of each of your children’s heads on kernel. Next make a popcorn popper and put it on the board. Title the bored something like: “Just Popping By,” “Look Who Popped In,” etc

Let’s Kick Off a Great Year

Write individual students’ names on tennis shoes or have kids draw shoes resembling their own.

A New Twist

For a beginning of the year bulletin board, use the game board for a twister game as the background. Put the spinner on as well, with the words “A new twist to a new year.” Add cut-out feet and hands with the students’ names on them. It is very colorful!

Who’s the Teacher?

This bulletin board is about you, the teacher. Choose a background and border that represent your personality. Collect pictures, clip art, book covers, etc. that show your interests. Laminate them and post them on the bulletin board. Let your students ask you questions about the items on the board.

School’s In!

-Ask each child to draw their face with a fish body or a fish with their name on the body. Use a blue paper back ground with waves, bubbles and other sea creatures drawn on.

Our Class Comes In ___ Flavours

-Cut a cone out of brown butcher paper, then add a coloured construction paper scoop of ice cream on top. Add a picture of the child on the ice cream scoop and put the child’s name on the cone

Need more ideas???  CLICK HERE!

Be ready to teach with all of these printables!!!