July 17, 2024

Moo… It’s Monday!

Another week gone by!  Hope your week was great.  I am officially back on track, I do believe.  There are always bumps in the track, we just have to fix them and get our butts back on that track.  I am not in any hurry to get the numbers down on the scale.  Yes, I wish it was easier and quicker.  But it isn’t! So plugging along.

Diet: Ate well this week.  Added some more calories to my diet and I lost a pound this week!  Sometimes I eat way less than I should.  If I don’t write down what I eat, then often I think I may have eaten too much and will skip dinner.  I am trying not to do that and to write it all down again.  That is the key…  writing it down. 

This article (Why Calories are King) has some good advice.  Here is a quote from it:
“2. Suppose someone has cut calories, but still hits a plateau. Is it possible that she may need to eat more calories to lose weight?

It’s possible. If you’re not eating enough, your body sort of panics and goes into what’s known as starvation mode, slowing down your metabolism and fat-burning processes. If it’s being starved of calories, it has to hold onto all of the energy stores and calories that it can. Think of your body as a furnace. If there’s not enough fuel, the fire just simmers for a long time without really burning hot. If you’re not eating enough calories to match your activity level, your body just simmers and no real progress is being made. The danger is that people react to this type of plateau by eating even less, which of course just makes the problem worse and harder to recover from. It’s a horrible cycle that can lead to real problems.”

Also check out, I just started exercising, why am I gaining weight?

Exercise:  Still going strong.  Three days of boot camp and lots of running.  I ran a 5K this weekend.  I wanted to be under 30 minutes and I didn’t do it.  I had a time of 30:04.  Stupid five seconds.  I pushed myself at the end.  I was neck and neck with a girl who was about 27.  As we were about five – ten seconds away from crossing, she passed me.  I pushed it and passed her up to finish before her.  I hate to be mean, but she bent over at the end and got a little sick…  I kinda felt good that she was younger and about 50 pounds lighter than I am was a little sick at the end.  So I gave it my all and know I need  to work  on getting my 5K under 30 still.  Here’s something funny…  I came in first place in this race for my age group… females 30-39.  Now second place was six minutes behind me and I later learned that there were only a total of 10 ladies in my age group.  Most of the women that ran this race were in their 20’s.  So my first running trophy sits on my dresser.  LOL!  My hubby ran this race in 22:00 minutes…  Yeah, him… but no trophy!  🙁  Mostly fast men in this race since it is his work race and mostly men work at his place of employment. 

Well, hope you have a great week!