July 17, 2024

Moooo…. It’s Monday! – THE RACE IS OVER – NOW WHAT?

It feels like Christmas is over…  You know how you work so hard for the holiday and then it’s over in 24 hours.  In running, you train for at least 8 weeks and then you run for less than 2 hours and it is over.  This article kinda sums it up!  Still, with that said, it was worth it!!!

One more time I would like to thank my friends and family for such great support as I trained to run the 10!  I am not lucky, just blessed!!! 

So I am already signed up for my next race.  It is in September and it is ONLY six miles (after running 10 – six seems like heaven).  Want to run it???  My goal right now is to finish in an hour.  So right now I am just working on getting quicker feet….  I know one thing that will make me quicker is, less weight.  So I move on with the hard part – DIET!  Stupid DIET!!!  Hate how food has to make us grow out.  I think if you eat clean foods you should not have to count calories… sadly that is my thoughts and our bodies don’t work that way. 

I told you that this week I would report on total weight loss thus far.  Well, I am down 20 lbs total since I started and that is five pounds less than when last reported.  I am taking it slow on the weight loss.  Hopefully I can keep it off once I am done.  I guess I was hoping that all those 7, 9, 9, and 10 mile runs would do magic and make me shed more…  but the trick is, I need to not eat like a wolf gone wild after a long run.  Still, I feel so HUNGRY after long runs and I reward myself with food.  It may be clean food, but it is too much food.  So new goal:  Write it down, everyday…  Keep calories on target!

One cool thing is that when I pulled out the summer clothes…  Things that were very tight last summer, I can pull down without unbuttoning.  My hubby (He likes to butter me up) told me I looked 1 demensional the other day.  Isn’t he grand???

Exercise (taking easy after Sunday!):
Sunday – 10 Miles
Tuesday – BOOT CAMP
FRI – 3 Miles
Sat – 0 🙁
Sun – 0 🙁

Any goals for you this week in health?