June 24, 2024

Moo… It’s Monday!

Jumping into week 11ish of a new me!  It was a great week.  The weather has me happy with lots of sunshine and the opportunity to exercise outside.  It’s been a good week all around with diet and exercise.  I love weeks like this one! 

I got my measurements taken this weekend by my Boot Camp Coach… 
I lost a total of about seven inches around my body in various areas.

My Boot Camp Coach reminded me that one pound = 4 sticks of butter…  So this AM, the scale says, I am down 15 pounds from where I started.  So that’s 60 sticks of butter off my body.  Wow, check that all out over there.  YUCK!  I’ve got many more sticks to shed, but I feel like I can do this.  My main goal is to be down 10 more pounds (40 more sticks) in the next five weeks.  Cross those fingers for me, would ya???  That will make me lighter for race day!!   Sometimes at Boot Camp (sounds like… one time at Band Camp), we have to run with weights at our side.  I use 8 pound weights and man is it hard to run with 16 extra pounds.  I can imagine the more weight I loose, the easier running will become.   So when I loose all this weight, running will become my main way to maintain!  That’s my long term goal…  Speaking of exercise… 


Monday – Boot Camp (60 Minutes)
Tuesday – Boot Camp (60 Minutes) – I love it so much, I went back for more – Another 60 Minutes of Boot Camp!  Plus I walked two miles later in the day with the kids.
Wed. – 3 mile run
Thurs. – 2 mile run + walked 2 miles with the kids
Fri – Seven Mile Run
Sat. – Five Mile Run with my son leading the way on his bike. 
Sun – Rest!

Ugh, It really is painful running with my jogger stroller…  My daughter weighs 34 pounds and the stroller probably weighs 15 pounds.  That is the only thing I need to break through this week – getting use to running with that dreaded jogger.  To add to that, the thing is broken and does not fold.  Poor me! 

You know me, I had to Google and this is my healthy Googles for the week, starting with jogger stroller tips.

Links of good fitness!!!

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Use this calculator to figure out how much water you should drink!. 

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Three of my favorite goodies below!!!