July 23, 2024

Lucky Stops Over!

St. Patrick’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. It’s fun being green for a day! Plus I am 80% Irish… actually more Irish than my husband who gave me the Irish last name to go along with my Irish first name! This year I was feeling extra festive and dyed my hair red to go with my green Irish eyes. My husband called it orange and one of my friends admitted, that I looked much better as a blonde!!! It will fade it time!
As a teacher I loved when Lucky would visit my classroom and make a mess and leave the kids clues they had to read to find a treasure that Lucky left for them. We always made magic pudding. It was so much fun seeing the kiddos eyes light up when they mixed up the pudding and it turned from white to green.  Awwww, so much magic!
At home, Lucky makes his appearance every year. Each year he spices things up and does something different. I posted last year about his visit, here!
This year he first appeared the night before St. Patrick’s Day. He left the kiddos a craft project (that he borrowed from here).   He left them a letter that explained that he needed them to make him rainbows with the fruit loops he supplied.
As you can see they had a blast making the rainbows. Even better, my four year old got to practice her fine motor skills while sharpening up her color words. Sneaky Leprechaun made some learning fun for her and she didn’t even know she was learning!
When the kids woke on St. Patrick‚Äôs Day this year, they found this…

O, my the Leprechaun left their favorite cereal… The kind Mommy always says no to! Mmmmm…. The kids were so happy!
That Leprechaun wasn’t done yet. When my son arrived from school he found directions for a scavenger hunt that led the kids to their own pot of gold. Lego gold for my son and Strawberry Shortcake Gold for my daughter.

Lucky was nice to mommy and made all the snow melt before St. Pat’s Day.  Two years in a row of beautiful weather on St. Patrick’s Day. What more could I ask for???  Oh my, look…  He bought me a bottle of Trax green wine to enjoy this weekend with my favorite Irish guy.  Thanks Lucky The Leprechaun.  Isn’t this the cutest label???  It tastes super yummy too!  If you are local you should get yourself some of this green yumminess!  It green…  It should be on my diet, right?  Under 9 dollars a bottle – what a steal!

I hope you had a fun St. Patrick’s Day and had some Silly Leprechaun business going on at your house. Great Green Memories are made on the 17th of March! Go get yourself a few! Even if you missed the 17th, the week is for celebrating the Irish!

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