July 17, 2024

Great Green Memories!

Hope you had a fun St. Pat’s Day! I am sick this week dealing with a cold that makes me super tired… Not to mention that I have a million things going on over the next few months. But who has time to complain. 🙂

As I am laying on my bed playing people with my daughter on Monday after picking my son up from school, he asks; “Mom, do you remember last St. Pats Day when that Leprechaun visited our house?” Me… “ummm, yeah (thinking in my head… o, crap why did I start that?!) My son, “That was one of the best days of my life! St. Patrick’s Day is so FUN!”
Of course as sick as I am… my heart thinks… “Wow, someday when he is 21 and going out for a beer with his buds he may tell them the stories of the times a Leprechaun visited his house and set up a cool scavenger hunt!” One of the best days of his life… so with the little bits and pieces I remember of my childhood, this may be one of the bits he remembers… So Monday night, you find me preparing to make St. Pats a great memory for my kids. Here is what I came up with this year:

When the kids woke up they found a treat at the table… Lucky Charms Cereal – The first sign of a Leprechaun… Mommy never let’s us buy that.

Then after school they found this set-up on the table… Dress-up for the big fun with a note telling them Lucky the Leprechaun had stopped by and set up a scavenger hunt.
Off they went on the hunt. I managed to get some learning in to because my son had to read the clues to know where to look for the next clue. He did great and they found all the Shamrocks. The last one directed them to look outside.

Outside they found their treasurer boxes. They had to dig through the box to find three of each of the given items. They had a blast trying to find the hidden treasures. My daughter just enjoyed playing with the colored pasta.
Hopefully when they get older they will recall the little ways Mommy and Daddy tried to make some times extra special. I hope they will look fondly upon their green memories!!!