September 28, 2023

Easter Season is Here – Another Reason to Read!

These are my two favorite books to read to my six year old this time of year…

After reading we discussed:

*Did the people change their minds about Jesus from Palm Sunday to Good Friday? In what ways?
*What do you think you would have done if you were with Jesus during this final week?
*What do you notice about the use of color in this book?
*Why is a cross so important to many people today? *
Why do you think we use such things as flowers and eggs on Easter Sunday?

You would be amazed at their responses to the above questions…

Write the following on piece of paper
Palm Sunday
Holy Thursday
Good Friday
Easter Sunday

Give your kiddo paper and have them fold it twice to make 4 boxes. In each box, have your child make an illustration for each day and write a sentence or two to explain the illustration.