February 26, 2024

Eggnog Post

I am writing this after consuming some eggnog I have mixed together for Christmas Eve. An awesome recipe that my neighbor gave me… It is so smooth, Yes… I had a second glass… Best part is I can hear my hubby pounding along on the treadmill while I enjoy my fattening dink. Even better, i don’t feel guilty…

Here is the recipe… IT IS GOOD and you can’t taste the alcohol…

Three Rivers Cookbook 1

2 qts. Egg nog
1 fifth blended whiskey
1 fifth rum
1 fifth brandy


I only use half of each fifth. Believe me it is plenty and it doesn’t have an alcohol taste. I have had it with all the alcohol and it is way to strong.

Make it several days ahead and refrigerate. Can last in fridge for 2 weeks!


I think I need this shirt: