June 17, 2024

Elf Family Napkin Rings Place Holders…

I am a busy elf… Getting ready for a Christmas Eve Celebration at my home. Christmas Eve is so much fun to plan. I am having 12 for dinner. It will be an appetizer dinner. I am working on a few surprises for my family. I thought I would share one surprise before the event (most I will post after Christmas)… But this one was so easy and so much fun, I had to share it in hopes someone reading my blog could copy the idea and use it too.

I made these cute little Napkin Ring Place Holders… The two above are samples of the 12 I made (one is my brother and one is my cousin). All you need is a picture of a family members head. Cut it out and glue this little elf hat on top:

Then get an empty paper towel roll, a knife, tape, glue, and wrapping paper.
Cut the paper towel roll with the knife.

Wrap each mini roll with paper and you have a ring…
Now glue your elf head on the ring and stuff a napkin inside and you have a cute festive napkin ring that may make some of your guests giggle. This took me 45 min. to complete 12 rings start to finish.
If you use the idea, please let me know. What fun crafty things do you do to make the holidays fun and festive at your home?