July 12, 2024

I did not win… but here’s a prize for you!

I am bummed, I did not win the parent choice awards… Losing is no fun (unless I am losing weight)! Burgh Baby won. Congrats to that site! I know many of the 6,000 plus members on my mailring had been voting daily and many of my personal friends and family had been voting too. Thank you to all who voted for Teaching Heart Mom. It was an honor to be nominated for this award.

I did say if Teaching Heart Mom won, I would do a week of free printables… We did not win. Still I would like to thank those that voted with one free printable set. This is a printable board game with a back to school theme. You pick the skill you want to work on and create index cards with the skill. Teachers can use this as a center the first week of school and parents you can use it to get ready for back to school.

The object is to collect all four back to school charms to put on your chalkboard. When your chalkboard is full, you are done and very lucky!

How to Play:
Each player gets one chalkboard to fill.

Taking turns each player rolls the dice and moves their piece ahead.

Once they land they must pull a card and answer the question. You will see that I have two sets of cards on my board. One set is programed for my son (second grade sight words are already on some of the cards). I programed the rest of his cards (the blank ones provided) with math problems and the Kindergarten writing strokes. You can program the blank cards with skills your child or student needs to work on. The other set of cards have things my three year old is working on (shapes, colors, letter sounds, numbers). This game is great because two people working on two different levels can play together! Great when you have a six year old and a three year old playing together. The picture show an example of a set of cards.

Here is what you need to print:

Print 1

Print 2