July 23, 2024

Mom Knows What Works, Dad Should Listen…

I believe my kids have the greatest dad in the World. A Dad that always stops to play, a dad who loves them more than anyone and would do anything for them, and a Dad whose eyes light up when he walks in the door after a long day at work… Still, mom knows best. Why, because mom (who happens to be me and a WAHM) is with them 7 days a week — all day long. Mom knows what works, Dad should listen.

Example #1:
Dad decides to take the kids to the trail by himself. His plan is to run while pushing the stroller with the three-year old in it while the six-year old rides his bike. Mom stays home to get work done. However, mom packs up a little bag with a snack for the 3 year old to eat while she is being pushed in the stroller. Dad sees the snack, takes it out, and says to mom, “Mom, she doesn’t need a snack… she can wait till lunch.” Mom says, “but I run and push her in the stroller at least twice a week and she always has a snack and is fine and happy in the stroller. ” Dad, rolls his eyes and leaves the snack on the counter. Mom hands Dad the IPod and selects the three year olds favorite playlist. Dad says, “Mom this is just a crutch she does not need.” Mom says, “But, Dear Dad… I figure since our cooperative bike riding son gets to ride his bike and our 3 year old has to sit in the stroller, she can at least listen to music as entertainment. It makes her last longer in the stroller.” Dad does not take the IPOD. Mom gives up… Mom is alone in the house about 45minutes and the phone rings. It is Dad. He is in a bad mood. The three-year-old was crying for a snack… Dad spent the time running and listening to a whining three-year-old. Poor Dad, if only he would have listened to Mom he would have had an enjoyable moderately quiet run. Maybe he will learn from this and listen to mom next time???

Next Time:
Dad decides he is gong to take both kids to the mall to look for a birthday present for Mom. Mom suggests that she keep the three-year-old with her but Dad insists she come. Mom asks dad, “You have the stroller in the car?” Dad says, “No, she can walk.” Mom quickly replies, “I never take them both to the mall without a stroller. The stroller will keep her in one place while you look and you can give her a snack or a toy while she waits.” Dad pauses, “No, I think we will be fine. She is getting too old to be in a stroller. She needs to learn how to behave in a store.” After a few more attempts at trying to get Dad to at least take the stroller, Mom gives up and knows this is going to be bad.
Dad goes to the mall with both kids. Two hours pass. Mom begins to wonder why and how they have been at the mall for two hours. Mom calls Dad on the phone. Dad is obviously in a bad mood. Mom asks, “Is everything okay?” Dad is quick to snap back, “No! Our Three year old is being terrible and just knocked a shelf of clothing down.” Dad has to hang up quickly and all mom hears on the other end in a crying three-year-old. CLICK!

Dad gets home and admits something that just makes moms day. While at the mall another mother comes up to Dad and says, “I have two children at home. You should put your daughter in a stroller and give her a snack. It helps and then you can get things done more quickly!” Mom smiles after hearing this and thinks…. my friends are going to love this story!