July 23, 2024

My Poor Little Cookie is Broken…

This little guy sums up our last two days. Just add some red hair and color the cast green and that is my son in the form of a cookie. Poor guy broke his arm after falling off our backyard jungle gym monkey bars. Keeping positive, but praying he heals well so that he won’t need surgery. In a week we will have an answer to that question.

Our little broken cookie is so brave… Having his arm twisted when it hurt so badly to get x-rays. I think mommy cookie and daddy cookie aren’t quite as brave. Sleeping is a little tough, but we are trying to make sure our cookie is comfy.

As annoyed as I am with this situation and all the things he can’t do & the pain he is feeling from the break… I am trying to focus on the positive.

This happened the last week of summer and not the day before school started or in the middle of all the fun. He has had a blast all summer. Yes, we had fun things planned for this week that he can’t do, but we will get creative now.

Little green cast boy keeps reminding me… Thank goodness it was the left hand so I can write with my right hand at school.

We will watch Harry Potter and some other movies. Our neighbor dropped off two movies she thought broken cookie would enjoy and I am looking forward to watching them too.

This is probably not the last broken bone we will face. This is something to learn from… Like today I realized the best way to get a shirt on someone with a cast is to do the casted arm first.

Realizing what a brave cookie we have.

I will be burning more calories with helping my broken cookie get dressed and complete other tasks he normally does on his own. Maybe I will loose a pound.

Hard to feel sorry for myself when so many parents face daily situations that are 10x worse than a broken bone… We can deal and thank God we are so blessed.