July 17, 2024

Exercise Turned Bad

I wasn’t sure if I should blog about the LA Fitness shootings in Bridgeville, PA. Since I can’t stop thinking about it, I thought I would put some random thoughts out there. First of all, I live about 10 minutes from where this happened. I have been to the plaza often. The Chuckee Cheeses that I take my children to is across the road from the plaza. I think what most freaks me out about this sad story is that it could have happened at any gym or it could have happened anywhere. I almost hoped that there was a big motive to why this happened and then to find out the shooter basically did it because he had trouble getting dates and finding someone to be with forever – even more scary and so heartless. To hear the witnesses talk about what happened is ere, because I go to another local gym and take classes similar to the one the shooter picked to act out his plot. I can imagine the girls in the front of the class didn’t even see this coming since they were probably too into the routine to see anyone come into the class. Then when it happened, where do you hide in a box shaped room. Some hid behind the Step blocks or mats. I found myself thinking of the room I take classes in, there is no place to hide as well. Similarly, one could try to shield themselves with mats or with the steps. However, my class has a door in the front and back of the class. I think that when I go back to class I will be sad thinking about what happened only a few miles down the road in a similar facility. I feel blessed that this shooter did not choose my gym and at the same time guilty for having such thoughts since he took lives at another gym. What a terrible thing for any human being to go through. My heart goes out to the families and friends of these people. I pray for them. It really is unfair that things like this can happen. It reminds you how precious life is and how at any moment it can be taken away from you.