July 12, 2024

With Kids, Who has Time to Exercise?

Okay, I will start this by admitting that I buy exercise DVD’s and often put them on and about half way through I realize that I am really enjoying watching the people on the videos workout. Funny part (or sad part) is that I often am only watching the DVD via my comfy couch, not actually exercising with it. Similarly, I buy fitness magazines, the ones that include strengthening exercise one could do to get in shape. I look over the great strengthening exercises and say, “hmm, I could do those…” then I turn the page never to see that workout again.

Luckily for me, my girlfriend Amy, actually uses the magazines she gets and tries out the fitness exercises at home on her own. (Here comes the lucky “for me” part) Recently she has even started getting a few friends together to work-out “mommy-style”. I am totally benefiting, by actually doing the strengthening exercises she leads in which she gets from her magazines. The best part, my kids are with me and I can still get exercise in.

Today we met up at a park. first we each got some cardio in. Some of us walked with strollers, some of us walked without strollers, some of us jogged, some of us carried children as we walked. The older kids (over 5) rode their bikes as we walked or jogged. Then, we grab our water, towels, and weights. Amy led us in the 7-day workout found in her fitness magazine and we all perspired more doing the workout. Amy did all the counting and demonstrating of the moves and each of us follows along. She uses the workout in the magazine like a lesson plan. Yes, I know you are jealous that I have a friend that does this for free… She is not for sale… sorry!

Yes, the kids were still in our yelling range and we could see each one. The little kids played play-doh on a large vinyl table cloth or did bubbles. Some of the older kids rode a bike around us or played tag together. Some played a little T-Ball even!!! Others ate a snack and watched the mommies perform. The littlest of the bunch crawled around on his blanket, played with baby toys, and his mommy even used him as a weight at one time.

When we were all done the kids won free playtime at the park while the mommies talked!

I guess my point is… really no excuses. This was free and somewhat fun (exercise to me is never totally fun! Hey, no pain, no gain!). Anyone can do it with all the great resources online. Amy even shared that the Fitness Magazine has a website that shows video of the moves to do. You can check that out here. Very cool website! So, grab some Gal Pals, a towel, and some weights. Grab a few goodies to keep the kids occupied. Add some music for more fun and you are set to exercise mommy style.