June 24, 2024

Star Marshmallow Math Fun!!!

Happy Fourth of July all!!! I hope this little posts finds you dressed in red, white, and blue! I love July 4th. As a child we spent most of those 4th of July’s in Florida with my Grampy. My brother would light off the fire crackers we would buy in South Carolina and I would run from the “loud chase after you ones” he would direct my way. Then of course there was the time that the neighbor boy would light Roman Candles in his mouth as we all sat around in amazement of his bravery that I now realize as stupidity. Yes, I have fond memories of summer nights and fourth of July as a kiddo.

As a parent, I recall being pregnant with my first child on the 4th. My husband had to read the baby inside of me the Declaration of Independence on the 4th. As boring as I find the text to be, I sat through it. Seven years later, he still reads it to my son.

Anyhow, I wanted to repost a fun learning activity that you can use at your 4th of July picnic if you happen to have these here starmallows.

Summer Math Fun!
A break for mommy. Get the marshmallow, hand over the printable sheet and tell your kiddos to have fun!!!

Buy Star Marshmallows and Practice Math Skill with these sheets… Click Here for Free Printable.