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13 Jan

Thought I would share my son’s three favorite Christmas gifts… The ones he plays with the most and the ones that I think are great. These would make great gift ideas for a 5-7 year old. First Up is Weekly Reader Editor’s Choice 10 Book Set with CDs on QVC (CLICK THE LINK ABOVE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS SET) 10 Quality Hard Covered Books with Read Along CD’s. These are fantastic and this is our third year to buy the set of books. I download each CD onto Itunes and then make a playlist of the books and my son can listen... 

31 Dec

Random things that I am thankful for in 2008: Beware, I am getting a little more personal than I normally do in this post! My friends… I have the greatest groups of friends. They all mean so much to me and I feel blessed to have them in my life. I believe that each person is put in your life for a reason and no friendship is a mistake! My parents… I thank God every day for my mom and dad. I have the greatest set of parents who love me unconditionally. Not to mention they are the best grandparents ever. Plus they have a great marriage... 

17 Dec

My friend Jennifer S. has been so creative lately… I had to share two of her creations: The first is little pinatas shaped like ornaments. You could make these and stuff them with lottery tickets and place on each guests plate on Christmas Eve… They could crack them open see if they were a big winner. Lastly are these cute Jello Jigglers shaped like candy canes. She used whip cream for the stripes. Very cute Jennifer… Thanks for sharing with the blogging world!  

13 Nov

So excited to tell you about a free offer from Oprah and Snapfish that my friend BETH just told me about… To help you get organized, is offering The Oprah Winfrey Show viewers a free 8″ x 11″ custom-cover photo book! – Waaaahoooo!!! I love a free offer and this is a good one. I am such a fan of these books & of Snapfish. I make one each year for each child. It’s a digital scrapbook where you can add backgrounds, crop pictures, and add text. Who has time to scrapbook… well, not me anymore... 

2 Nov

Guess what I am going to tell you about??? You guessed it, another craft that mommy sets-up and the kiddos do! With Perler Beads your kiddos can create really cool designs with little plastic beads that can be strung together, or melted together with an ordinary household iron (Mommy does the iron part)! This is probably best for ages 5 and up because it uses lots of fine motor skills… It’s something you need to try first to see if they can do otherwise I can see this craft being more frustration than fun. Still I found a way... 

26 Oct

A few months ago I ventured out of my familiar Internet website world and entered the world of blogging… I was looking for birthday party ideas for my sons Star Wars party. I found that if I searched “Star Wars Party Ideas” + blogs that many great blogging websites with awesome ideas appeared. Then became my quest of learning about the blogging world and come 8:30 when the kids are in bed – I grab my tea & my laptop and start exploring all these great places! Thought I would share a Hodge podge of what I have found & want... 

8 Oct

I have heard of a Diaper Cake (my friend Mara makes awesome diaper cakes). You can see how to make one here: Have you heard of a candy cake??? Isn’t this so cute? My friend Nancy made this for her mom for her birthday. Thought I would share it! Thanks Nancy! Here is one for Christmas:  

25 Aug

We made the tiny apples this weekend. My kids enjoyed it for about five minutes and then they started eating their creations and I was left to make the rest of the apples. They had fun and that is what counts. We used dots and green apple flavored sugar to decorate. Even my two year old was really into dipping the apples in the dots or colored sugar. My hubby was all over them apples too!!! I’ll be making this for my son’s birthday treat at school (somewhat healthy). They are as cute as they look. I think the Christmas baking... 

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