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9 Oct
Hungry Monsters Adding Game

I love a great party!  There is one coming up in many classrooms around the USA!!!  In honor of Halloween parties everywhere, here are some fun party ideas and classroom learning fun for your next BOO – BASH!!! This post contains pictures of some Halloween party ideas for you or a room mom!! Each student gets a roll, double, cover Halloween board and some spider markers. 1 dice per game. The object of the game is to be the first person to get 4 in a row. Students take turns rolling the dice, doubling their roll, and then covering... 

7 Sep
chocolate pumpkin cups

Hey everyone.  It’s been a bit since my last post.  I am trying to adjust to back to school.  I am not teaching Pre-K this year and have decided to go back into the classroom as a Substitute this year.  Subbing has it perks…  most importantly I make my schedule so I can still plug away at Teaching Heart and being a volunteer in my Children’s schools.  It also has it’s disadvantages!  #1 being I hate doing things other people’s way.  Meaning following another teachers style and classroom management. ... 

2 Aug
Fall Themed Math and Literacy Centers

You have until 5pm Sunday to get this set on TPT pack of great centers for JUST 3.00.  It will return to 7.99 after Sunday… So hurry and be set for fun fall learning in your k-2nd classroom. CLICK HERE TO ORDER BEFORE THE SALE ENDS!  Preview the PAcket Here! Fantastic Fall Games for your Centers, Incentives, or Classroom Party Time. Also great to leave for a substitute for extra literacy and math skill practice. So much fun learning—the students won’t even realize they are learning. Easy to set-up. Games are also great for independent... 

30 Sep
Tree snacks to make

A is for Apple!  Here is a fun snack that you can have your students make…  Just supply 2 crackers, 2 pretzel sticks, six Fall themed M&M’s and some green icing. Go along well with an Apple Theme! I plan to supply the pieces in a baggie and have the students put their own trees together! Cute snack and yummy too!  You can even add some bears to hang out around the tree.  They have the apple Teddy Grahams by Honey Maid out now that would go well with the theme…  Or any Teddy Grahams will do! For more apple ideas... 

18 Sep
Leaf Packet for Preschool and Kindergarten

Leaves are falling, yes they are!  Mums are around, yes they are!  I have Pumpkin Spice coffee in my cup, yes I do!  I love FALL!!!  I love the colors, smell, and feel of fall…  Plus I love teaching with fall themes.  I started this fall leaf packet this summer and finally had time to get it printed and put together to use in October.  I think it turned out so cute!  Below are pictures of some of the goodies found in the set.  You can get the set at ejunkie (CLICK HERE)  or TPT (Click Here).  Before you buy you may want... 

22 Sep

Happy Fall Ya All! I have a special treat for you to use today and Sunday. It’s 15% off your total order from: Please use discount code fall2012 at checkout to save!!! Here’s some free samples: Apples and Scarecrows Check out our Fall page for more free ideas and printables!!! Click for Fall Index Click For Scarecrows amd be on the look out for the new Falling for Scarecrows Pre K to K Packet coming out this month!!! Click for Apples Click for Pumpkins Click for Dem Bones and Other Fall Foods... 

2 Sep

Teaching Heart has a new packet you will want to check out if you teach Preschool, Kindergarten, or First Grade!!!!   It’s called, Falling for Scarecrows!   Math and Literacy activities to make fall fun learning in your classroom.    You can click here to learn more about the packet!    

1 Sep

Most of you are back at school and some of you will start up this week!   So back to school planning is on the back burner.  Time to plan for fall.  Below are themes from Teaching Heart that are great to use in September, October, and November.  Click on the theme asnd see free ideas, printables, and more to match!   These should come in handy when planning for some fun learning activities in your Prek – Through Third Classrooms.  Thank you!  Click for Fall Index Click For Scarecrows amd be on the look out for the new Falling... 

5 Oct

Here’s a fun dice game for two – four players.  You can download all you need to play here.  Just supply a die per game.  The object of the game is to create a fall picture.  Students take turns rolling the dice and selecting the picture that matches the number on the dice.  The first person to have all the six pictures on their playing card is the winner.  My five year old had fun just playing with the card and the pieces once we finished playing the game.  For more fun and free ideas for Fall Teaching please click... 

19 Sep

Here are two activities for grades K-2. The first is a SPIN THE WORD Halloween Game.  Students take turns spinning the spinner.  First person to spell Halloween wins. Here is a Spider Web tally mark math center.  You can place all the pieces in a zip loc baggie or the students can do the activity at their seat.  You could also make this a pocket chart center.  There is a center sheet for the students to complete after they finish the center. These activities are just two of the activities found on the Teaching Heart Fall/Halloween... 

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