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7 Mar

Hi everyone!  Here are a few St. Patrick Day resources found on Teaching Heart that you will want to check out!

A Little Color Green Book (k-2) (Click to download for free) A fill in the blank book for your students to complete.
This is found in our St. Patty Pack

St. Patrick's Day Dice Game Printables Free

Click here to download the free St. Patrick’s Day Printables!

If you love our free printables. come check out these as well!

St. PAtrick's Day Games

You can see the full packet here and here too!

You only need to print one sheet per student.
The students cut out the playing pieces. Then they take turns rolling the dice and collecting all the items the lady swallowed in the story.
The picture above shows that the student rolled a 1 and took the clover and a daisy. Once they have collected all the pictures, they win! Just so after reading fun!!!

Click here to download the file and use!

Lucky Charms Gameboard

Above is something free I would like to share with you in time for St. Patrick’s Day. It is something my kids have been having fun with it. All you need is a dice, two markers (I used apple jacks cereal), and this free printable pdf file.

The file is pretty large and will take you about five minutes to cut up and tape together once you have printed it. It has enough material for four players. You can play 1 to 4 players. If this is going to be used in a classroom, I suggest you laminate it!

Follow the directions on the sheet.

Click pattymagicpuddingteachingheart to download the sheet.

Feel free to download and use at home or at school –

Be sure to visit the Rainbow Unit at Teaching Heart for more free and fun Rainbow ideas.

Still need more – click here!