July 23, 2024

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick

Gotta love this Old Lady Trash Can that your students can feed!!!  How cute is she?  You can make one too!  Templates are found in this set!There Was An Old Lady Trash Can - Hand On Interactive Preschool Fun

For this time of year, the Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick is so fun to share with Preschool and Kindergarten Students.  I am always amazed at how much they love the silly old lady stories.

Get the book here on Amazon and this set and you will have a fun Easter Themed Lesson with a few clicks of your printer!!!

Also, in the set you will find another template to make this version of the Old Lady…

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Chick!There are many activities in this set to match this book!!!

There was an old Lady Following Directions on a Preschool and Kindergarten Level!!!

There Was an Old Lady Pattern There was an old lady puzzle Sound Mucher - Old Lady Version!All of the above and so much more can be found here!!!!      I love how you can use the old lady to eat other things like letter sounds!!!

Create an old lady to feed by using the printables found on page 7 and 8.  I laminated mine and hot glued it to a flip trash can.

1.) You can retell the story and feed her the items she swallows in the story.
2.) Page 10 and 11 have all the letters of the alphabet printed on them.  You can have children find a letter and feed it to the old lady.   You can have them pick a letters and say the sound the letter makes as they feed the old lady.
3.) Page 12 can be printed and programed with any skill you wish to have your students feed the old lady.  You can write sight words on the cards.  Have students draw a card, read it, and feed it to the old lady.  The ideas are endless!!!