November 30, 2023

Because I Can Read Review and Free Printable…

Becuase I Can Read Review

As teachers and parents, most of us know how important reading is.  As teachers we need to make sure that the parents of our students understand that reading at home is essential.   This summer I read The Read Aloud Handbook which I feel should be required reading for all Preschool and Kindergarten teachers, one of the quotes in the book states: “The last thirty years of reading research confirms this simple formula–regardless of sex, race, nationality, or socioeconomic background. Students who read the most also read the best, achieve the most, and stay in school the longest.”

When I picked up Because I Can Read by Pat Nicholson, I was immediately excited about the book and it’s message for children.  Why??  Because it shows children in catchy words and beautiful illustrations where being a reader can take you!   This book does a wonderful job pointing out to children how reading opens the doors to almost anything you want to do, learn, or try!  Because I Can Read shows children that a book is a magical thing.  The vivid illustrations and short simple text demonstrate to a beginning reader that reading can help them imagine, keep them safe when they cross the street,  tell them which way to turn, help them learn to write, and so much more.   If I couldn’t read, I would be inspired by Pat’s book!Because I Can Read

I would highly recommend that this book become a part of all preschool through second grade classroom libraries.  I can imagine a kindergarten teacher starting a lesson by asking her students to tell her why it is important to learn to read?  What can you do when you can read?  What things can’t you do if you do not know how to read?    The teacher would write and illustrate student responses.  Then, the teacher would read Pat Nicholson’s book once through.  Children would add to the list after their teacher had shared the book.  The teacher would slowly flip through the beautiful pages for children to retell what being a reader can do for them.  The children could return to their seats and make an illustration of one thing a reader can do!  What a wonderful way to have students recall what magic can happen once they learn how to read!

Because I can Read

Pat Nicholson’s bright and cheerful book excites a child into reading.  It gives them that push they need to start the reading journey!  Soon they will be saying…  “Because I can read I know that I am smart.  I can learn about anything and this is where I will start!”

I created a homework sheet you could send home after reading this story!

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Pat Nicholson has given me a signed copy of Because I Can Read to give away to one lucky reader!!!    Please use the rafflecopter to enter the giveaway.  Winner will be announced on Sunday, September 15th and the book will ship on Monday to the lucky winner!!
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  Disclosure: The author offered Teaching Heart products in exchange of a review.  But the opinions posted in this post are true of the experiences found while reading the story.