July 19, 2024

Flash Sale…

So, how many of you agree with the quote above?  Yep, me too!!!  Teaching Heart has some more stuff for that trunk for a great deal!!!

Here’s your chance to save on all items in our E-Junkie store.  Each day is a savings… but the quicker you react the better the savings!  Don’t miss out on your chance to stock up for back to school…  Click here to shop our store..  There are many pages of items, so fill up your cart and save.  It’s the perfect way to get ready for back to school.

Save all week on orders over $6.00 from our E-Junkie Store… 

Sale Day 1—On Tues. July 24th save 40% on total with coupon code flash at checkout.

Sale Day 2—On Wed. July 25th save 35% on total with coupon code flash35 at checkout.

Sale Day 3—On Thurs. July 26th save 30% on total with coupon code flash30 at checkout.

Sale Day 4—On Fri. July 27th save 25% on total with coupon code flash25 at checkout.

Sale Day 5—On Sat. July 28th save 20% on total with coupon code flash20 at checkout.

(LAST CHANCE) Sale Day 6—On Sun July 29th save 15% on total with coupon code flash15 at checkout.

Click here to shop!  Thank you for your support!!!