November 30, 2023


I was in my daughters school this afternoon and we were helping the kids get ready for the Thanksgiving feast they would have on Tuesday.  They all had a chance to make turkey roll ups (a piece of turkey with stuffing in it), cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie (sweet pumpkin dip that they will stick cookies in), and a cornucopia.  The cornucopia was so cute, I had to share.  Basically it looks like the one below from this blog.

I took a picture of the one the kids made but it isn’t a close up like the one above…

Here are the ingredients used and you can see the sample of the cornucopia in the background.

Basically use a graham cracker.  Place some icing on the cracker. The student places the Bugel on the cracker and then uses the Trix to fill the Cornucopia. 

Cookies and Cups shares a smiliar cornucopia snack here.  It includes a snack bag free printable topper.

The Cupcake Blog Shares a cute Cornucopia Cupcakes!

Here is a fun coloring page!  Here is another one with printing practice!

 Cornucopia Activities From the Thanksgiving Packet (click here) – Six pages of fun cornucopia activities. Background information for the teacher, graphing activity with manipulatives, sorting activity, and a counting activity. (k-2).

Also, check out this.  Print it and have the kids glue the correct number of trix to the cornucopia. 

For the 8 and up crowd, be sure to play the Cornucopia Game below!!! 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break all!!!