February 26, 2024

September 11th Resources

Picture From Junk in Their Trunck

Wow, 10 years since September 11th will happen this weekend.  I still recall being in Seattle asleep in my apartment when my husband came rushing in urging me to come see what was going on in NYC.  Was this real?   It was like a scary movie… We both sat stunned as we watched the aftermath of the first plane; not knowing a second was about to hit.  I can recall so many details from that day like they happened yesterday.  I was teaching second grade and I remember wondering if I should say anything to my students or just wait and see if they had any questions…  I also worried that my husband (at the time an officer in the Navy) may be sent out to sea.  The day went on and more tragedy hit as we all know.  So many innocent people died that day because of hate.   I will never forget!  God Bless America!

Below are some resources online that I thought would be great to use in the classroom.

Clutter Free Classroom Shares Patriotic Theme

Picture is from Junk in Their Trunk – You can print it and frame it here…

911 Remembrance Crafts

Lesson Ideas for Grades 3-4


Many ideas found at A Teachers Treasure

  Join the Linky Party at Sunny Days in Second Grade  –  Lots of ideas and you can link your ideas too!!!

 My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families that lost a loved one on 9-1-1.  You will never be forgotten.  Thank you & God Bless you!