August 7, 2022

Google Images, Can I Use Them on My Blog?

Since this post about 24 hours ago I have recieved a few emails and one of the main questions bloggers have is,

What about Google Images?  You know when you use Google to do a search to find an image…  Those are ok to use on my blog, right???

So I thought I would write a post to address this since it seems to be of concern to many.  I hope it helps.

I know for a FACT that you should never use google images on a site or blog… Google images is only a search tool that finds images on the web. When you conduct a search, you will see that there is a link to view the image in its original context on the page. Google is not publishing these images on its own.

When you find an image through the Google search, you will need to check the actual website to determine whether or not it is free to use. Google explicitly states, “Image may be scaled down and subject to copyright.” If the image is falls under copyright, in order to upload the picture onto your web server and display it on your page, you need to have permission.

In order to use an image that is found with a Google search,
1. It must be in the public domain
2. You have received permission from the owner. OR
3. It has a Creative Commons license that allows for its use.

I suggest you read this too… and