June 24, 2024

Hopping Around the Blog/Web

It has been sometime since I have shared interesting posts, links, and ideas I have found in my many trips around the web. Thought I would take a moment to share a hodge podge of interesting thing I have surfed upon. If you see something underlined, give it a click and visit some fun links.

Getting Thrifty for Back To School

Hey moms, I thought this post on shopping for back to school supplies was very well written!

Back To School Time is Around the Corner and boy did I find this post about ways Teachers can stretch their dollar awesome. Also, check out Teaching Heart’s teacher deals page here.

If you’ve had to dip into your own pocket to pay for library materials, you’re not alone. On average, K–12 teachers nationwide spend about $475 of their own money for classroom supplies.
(Click here to read more)

But I think this statement is more true… “On average, teachers shell out almost 1200 dollars of their own money in non-reimbursed expenses for the school year. ” (Click here to Read More)

How is that Summer Reading Coming Along?

I blogged here about how you could get some free goodies from reading this summer. How’s that going? It’s not too late to start!!!

We have been a regular at our library as well as trying to attend story times at local bookstores on rainy days.

Family education has a great post called:
How to Keep Reluctant Readers Reading over the Summer. You should check it out!

Summer Reading Logs and Medals at Our Homeschool Fun

Soaring Into Reading: A fun Reading Log at Teaching My Little BookWorm:

I can so relate to this post, Does It Get Any Better Than This?

Weight Loss or Gain???
I am on a forever diet and exercise plan… How’s it going for you? Here are some diet/exercise posts/links I enjoyed.

Oooh boy… at The Entertaining House

Recipes I am going to try with or without my kiddos!

Root beer Cookies

Asheville Pasta from a fave friend at This Mom’s Many Hats

Cotton Candy Cupcakes

Things I would like to try with the kids…

Cool, make your own watercolor pages… Watercolor Thank You Cards

So many watermelon ideas.

Just too great not to share!
You know those animal kids plates you can buy at the store??? Look at these Zoo Pal Animal Masks

I dream to be organized like this…Legos and how we play with them – I just stepped on a Lego yesterday and ouch!