July 12, 2024

Hello, I am Home Decor Challenged!!!

My name is Colleen, I am Home Decor Challenged…  What’s your problem?

So I have begun the ever painful process of painting the kitchen/family room.  They are attached so it makes it even more painful than just doing the kitchen.  I love a finished product, I just hate the mess you have to make to get there.  It is a lot of blue tape around cabinets and the idea of pulling out appliances to paint behind them makes it more difficult.  Not to mention kids…  How the heck does anyone get anything done with kids around???  Yes, you can put them in front of the TV or make them read…  but that only lasts so long.  Paint can open and you find yourself playing a board game with a bored kid and realize…  Opps, left the open can of paint by the blind dog’s dish…  U-huh =’s big mess to clean up!!!

Then there are the three days a week when I have 2 hours to myself, kid-free time.  Some people that work would say, “man you are so lucky you can have ALL that TIME to yourself.”  Hey people, two hours is not that much!  Plus with volunteer obligations, you go from six hours a week to two…  Then of course there is the home business to run (but somehow people don’t count that)…  Phewwww….  good thing I have a blog to vent on…  Let’s get back on track…  Home Decor is what this post is really about…

I wanted to live on the edge and go crazy with color but I came out of the paint store with creams and tans. Truthfully, my colors look awfully similar to what is already on the walls in the two rooms I will repaint.  But, it looks a little dirty and this will clean things up!!!   I am just not brave…  perhaps I will be when I paint my bedroom!  No one sees that!  I suck at home decor.  I admit it, I am home decor challenged.  Give me a computer and I will make you a crazy good lesson plan!  Give me a paint swatches and I go all boring!!  

What’s is your area of expertise and your challenged areas???