July 12, 2024

Kristi Ternullo Photography Review – Pittsburgh Area

Wanted to share a review of a local photgrapher for those Pittsburgh Readers… Picture posted is from Kristi’s Blog

Kristi Ternullo took photos of my son (age 7) and daughter (age 3).  The overall experience was outstanding.  A year before this photography sessionwith Kristi  we did family photos with another local photographer that has been in business for over 20 years and paid an arm and a leg for the sitting fee and photographs.  We did not receive nearly the amount of care or time with this photographer as we did with Kristi Ternullo. 
Once we scheduled the appointment with Kristi and discussed what we were looking for, Kristi went to work.  She suggested clothing colors, the appropriate outdoor location for the shots, and listened to our ideas for the photos.  She spent over thirty minutes on the phone discussing the photo shoot with me.  She is easy to talk to and since she is a mom she understands the importance of picking a time that is right for your child.  She works with your schedule and does an excellent time of meeting your needs prior to the photo shoot.   
The day of the photo shoot my family met her at a local location.  We then followed her over to the spot she picked out for our photo shoot.  It was perfect!!!  As soon as we arrived she got to work.  That was very nice to start promptly because if you are a mom you know how hard it is to get those kids to be at their best in nice clothing for an extended amount of time.  The thing that is unique about her photos is that she captures her subject in a natural way.  Thus, the finished photos are more of a story of the subject and who they are as opposed to a posed uncomfortable canned photo shoot.  She let the kids play and ended up with some adorable pictures of the kids separately and together. 
I love props and had some ideas of my own.  Kristi was courtesy and willing to work with my suggestions.  I appreciate the fact that she was willing to do exactly what I asked without any hesitation.  I had purchased two candy canes from Target for the kids to hold.  Kristi had the idea of putting the canes together to form a heart.  Those pictures came out great and became part of our Christmas card.  People of course loved it and plan to steal that idea for their cards.  She also captured some pictures that made my children’s personalities shine through.  She got this one picture of them fooling around the leaves and being silly that only a mother could love.  The kids had a blast just playing and being models for a day.
Kristi spent over an hour with us at the photo shoot.  My kids are not angels and she was professional and so patient with them.  Her calmness makes it easy to relax and just let her do the work.  She made sure we were happy with all the photo set-ups we took before she cleaned up her supplies.  My kids had a blast at the photo shoot and can’t wait to do it again.  
About three days later I got an email from Kristi that she had posted a sneak peak of some of the photos she had taken on her blog.  They were awesome and I couldn’t wait to see the rest.  I was equally pleased a few days later when I viewed all the shots online!  We loved them all so much that we opted for the option of buying the CD of all the photos so that we could do as we wish with the photos.  The CD arrived quickly after it was ordered.  I went to work on Snapfish making all sorts of Christmas presents for myself and family with the pictures she took.
I have recommended Kristi to a few friends and each one came away with rave reviews of her work.  Kristi is blessed with a great talent !  I am hooked on just reading her blog and seeing all the beautiful pictures she takes.  I am thankful that her prices are reasonable and the quality of the service she provides is over the top!!!

My Picture People Days and the days of spending literally a thousand dollars on a photo shoot and pictures are over now that I have found Kristi!!!