September 30, 2023

Creative DIY Valentine’s that I LUV!

I have never been a fan of the boxed Valentine’s Day cards.  I love all the ideas shared on blogs and websites about creative Valentine’s Day Cards.  In 2009, I shared some here.  Here are our 2010 cards for the Princess and Batman fan.  You can print them for your child by clicking here

They print four per page.  If you buy postcard paper to print them on, they will print on those and you will not have to cut them. 

The Princess one you need to attach an edible wand to it with scotch shape.  I purchased the wands in packs of ten at Walmart.  I wrote the little poem on the card to match the treat. 

The Batman one, you will need to attach a heart lollipop to it.  Your kiddos can sign the card on the line and you are done!

The issue of Family Fun last year had some very cute and easy creative Valentine’s too.  They have a ton of creative and inexpensive ideas here.  I love this one below, my son said, “No way mom!”

Below is a candy bar wrapper from the Teaching Heart V-day packet found here.

Chek out these cute hugs and kisses jars at Trey and Lucy
How about these chalkboard Valentine’s from Out of the Crayon Box???