June 17, 2024

Moo… It is Monday!

Wahhhhoooo…  I feel like I may be over the hump!  I increased the protein in my diet over the last few weeks and increased my calories (yes eating more) and over those two weeks I lost 2.5 pounds (steady 26 pound loss).  So I am hoping this tweak to my diet will be what I need!

This article tells us how protein helps with weight loss. 

So new motivation in the color blue…. Want to see????

DRUM ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!

O, God help me…  I have to wear this dress in June in a size smaller than I am now!!!  I am the Matron of Honor in one of my best friends weddings.  This dress sure looks good on the girl in the picture…  My husband of course loves the dress…  I think he thinks if I put it on, I will look like that.  Unfortunately, I did not get to try it on because they did not have my size in the store models…  But we got to see it on one of the bridesmaids who is probably a size 2.  It  has nothing to hide one of the most hated parts of my body….  MY ARMS.  If you know me, you have never seen me in a tank top, right?  Now you know why.  It could be 100 degrees and I would still not wear a tank top unless I was running.  Also, let’s face it…  I have no boobs!  What the heck will hold this dress up?  Wish me luck!  Please pray it will zip up and my fat won’t flap in the wind!  I will share a picture of me in this dress after the June Wedding!  Thank God for Boot Camp!  
Goals this week:

Fluids…  Protien… Calories… 3 – 4 days boot camp and 2-3 days of running!!!  Hope to be down 2 more pounds by next week.