June 24, 2024

Mother’s Day Reading – I’ll Always Love You

“Alex’s mom says that she will always love him, no matter what. Alex still isn’t sure. He doesn’t want to get into too much trouble for the broken honey bowl! Even if Alex gets into a pillow fight, paints the baby all different colors, or pours oatmeal over his head, his mom says that she will always love him. Gentle text and sweet illustrations show the unconditional love a mother has for her son. This book will assure children that no matter what they do their parents will always love them. “


Cut out six heart shapes for each child.

Heart one say’s: My Mom Always Loves Me

by: ______________

Heart 2 Says: One time I ____________________________ and my mom still loved me.

Heart 3 Says: My mom loves me and she also loves to _______________________________.

Heart 4 says: My mom loves me and she loves to eat ________________________.

Heart 5 says: I love my mom because __________________________

Heart 6 says: I am so lucky to be loved by my mom! (include a picture of the child here)

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