July 12, 2024

Gonna Get a NEW REAR in the NEW YEAR!!!

Have you heard the fight song… Here we go Steelers, Here we go, Pittsburgh’s going to the Super Bowl? Obviously that ain’t happening this year (which makes my Cowboys lov’in hubby smile)… but I have been singing this song (my version) to myself as I (yet again) start the New Year off hoping by 2011, I will have a NEW REAR or at least my pre-pregnancy rear back! Here’s my corny new song…

Here I go, eat clean, Here I go! Here I go, Gonna get a New Rear this year!
Here I go, exercise hard, Here I go! Here I go again, Colleen’s gonna get it done!

Yes, it’s gay… but I can’t stop singing it!!! Yes it’s cheesy, but if you know me, I am a bit cheesy!

So I have been down this road many a times since I had my first child. Start out really well and just never make it more than a month… I really can’t figure out my problem. I never finish this problem of mine and get it done and fixed. I start at it… loose a few pounds, gain them back, loose again… and you get the picture. It’s weird how this one part of my life I just can’t get right! ugh! It sucks big time!!! Worst part is, I exercise more than the average person. I exercise pretty hard too (kuddos to me)!!! So that leaves the diet part – that always gets me good. I am hungry right now thinking about what I can eat today.

Funny, but I love to Google and I was Googling Diet and Exercise Resolutions and found out I was not alone with having the same resolution year after year… look here and here ! Plus, some of my favorite bloggers have similar New Years Resolutions or some good ideas about resolutions… Like this one , o, this one, and look at this!
Then there are the tips to succeed here and here and the list goes on

I know the benefits of getting this weight off… Live longer, look better in my clothing, exercise will be easier, and my kids will have a positive role model. I even know how to loose weight… In college I gained the freshmen 25 and lost it the following summer by doing Weight Watchers and counting my calories. It seems like once I had kids, it seemed to get more difficult for me to loose this stubborn weight.

So what’s going to make this time different? I am not really sure. I have some different tools and maybe that will help. I will pray harder??? God wants me thin, right????

I am doing a Boot Camp and the trainer seems to keep me motivated. Plus, I am (with my boot camp trainer’s help) changing my eating habits to a more clean way of eating. I have two products that I am using to help me eat clean… They are the magazine Clean Eating and Eat-Clean Diet: Fast Fat-Loss that lasts Forever !. This week I used the 7 day eating plan in Clean Eating to start myself off on the right track. So far so good – just started day 2. It was easy because I could just look at the grocery list in the magazine and know what to buy.

I also have a new toy I downloaded to my Blackberry. It is the Live Strong Daily Plate Calorie Counter. It was $2.99 and I am beginning to think that it the best thing! Once you download the program to the berry, The Daily Plate at LIVESTRONG.COM helps you determine a daily calorie target based on your weight and weight goal. Then you can search the extensive database of more than 525,000 foods for nutritional information including fat, sugar, carbohydrates, cholesterol and more. You can also search 2,000 fitness items and calculate how many calories you can burn with those activities.

I have my blackberry with me most of the day… so I can just quickly type in a food, get the calorie count, click I ate this, and then the little program determines how many more calories I can eat to loose the weight I need to. It really is so cool and right up my alley!!! You can learn more about it at: http://www.livestrong.com/thedailyplate/blackberry-calorie-tracker/learn/ They also have it for the iphone. If you do not have a blackberry, no fear… You can use it online for free at

If you are a blackberry user, there is even more fitness apps. out there. Go here to learn more! The only one I have tried and downloaded is the Livestrong one… but the others look interesting.

Well here is wishing you the best of luck with your New Years Resolution. Hopefully I will be back over the 2010 year with positive updates about my journey for good health and a NEW REAR in the NEW YEAR!

21 days to make something a habit and nothing tastes as good as thin feels!!!

PS. I mentioned a few products and services in this post, all are my own opinions and I was not paid to mention these or given the items for free… just my take!