June 16, 2024

Happy New Year!

Since tradition dictates that every 365 days, you should try to kick bad habits and start your life anew, here I go again! Time to make those resolutions and pray we can keep them. Last year I vowed to loose weight by exercising and eating less… Unfortunately, I did not have a weight loss, but I did exercise at least three times a week. So I can’t beat myself up too much – but I do! So here I go again, hoping and praying I can loose some of that 50 pounds that really does not belong on my body. Let’s get rid of that wonderful muffin top that came with having two beautiful children. So loosing some or all of that 50 pounds my body really does not need would be fantastic! It will be fantastic to loose but no fun loosing it. Good luck to me… again!
View the top 10 resolutions at:http://pittsburgh.about.com/od/holidays/tp/resolutions.htm

How to make New Years Resolutions stick:http://pittsburgh.about.com/od/holidays/tp/resolutions.htm – I obviously need to read and memorize this.

I will take this girls muffin top any day over mine…

Cheers and good luck this New Years keeping your resolution!!!