July 17, 2024

Healthy & Colorful Yum For Your Grill

We have been grilling lots lately. Summer is grill time. We usually go through two or three propane tanks in the summer months.
My favorite treat for the grill is to cut up peppers of all colors, green zucchini, and red onions.

Mix up some chopped garlic (I love garlic… so I use about two cloves), three table spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, half cup of red rice vinegar, and seasoning of choice. Toss it with the veggies (if you have time let it marinade and if you don’t have time to marinade, it is still good) Throw it on the grill. All I do it lay foil on the top shelf of my grill and put all on the foil and cook it while I cook my meat on the lower rack. MMMM! So good, easy, colorful and healthy way to get veggies in.

It really is so yummy! One of my faves for summer time cooking!
What is your favorite grilling treat?