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12 Jul

Well, it has been seven days of great stories! Our last one to end the week is (drum roll)………

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Print graphics of a cookie, glass of milk, mirror, scissors, broom, & paper and crayons. Write the following sentences on sentence strips.

The mouse asked for a cookie.
The mouse asked for a glass of milk.
The mouse asked for a mirror.
The mouse asked for scissors.
The mouse asked for a broom.
The mouse asked for paper and crayons.

Place each of the above strips in a pocket chart. The student must place the graphic next to the correct sentence. In my classrooms students complete centers independently. Still, I like to know that they understood the concept. For this reason, I include a center sheet for the students to complete after each center. This center includes a center sheet that has the student do various things, such as; write the names of each of the six pictures, illustrate a sentence, and draw a line from the picture to a matching sentence.

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