July 17, 2024

Get outside with your CHALK!!!

Sidewalk Chalk =’s learning… Did you realize all the fun that could be had with a box of chalk from the dollar store? Better yet, did you ever think of the summer learning you could trick your kids into with a box of sidewalk chalk.

Counting and Sorting:

First, you can count the pieces of chalk. Then have your child sort the pieces into colors. Ask show your child:

How many whites are in your box? Do we have equal amounts of white and blue? How many whites and yellows do you have?

Jumping Path;
Make a line with things your child is working on. For my daughter (who is three), I would draw a star, triangle, the sound /b/, the number 3, her name, the sound /a/. I would draw this in a path form. Then I would show my daughter how much fun it is to jump on the path. When you jump, make sure you shout out what you land on. My daughter loves this! The video shows this live!

For older kids you could have them jump on sight words you write on the driveway. Or you may want them to jump on math problems and give the answer after they jump on the problem.

Shoot and Score;
You will need a basketball hoop and ball for this and of course, chalk! I draw three numbers on the driveway; 2, 3, 5. I place them in random places where my son can stand on the number and then shoot a basket. She stands on a number of his choice and tries to shoot a basket. If he makes the basket, he writes the number he was standing upon on the driveway(as seen in the picture). Repeat five to ten times. Add up your numbers to get your score.

Toss Game
Draw a board with three rows and three columns. In each square place a sight word. For the younger kiddos, place a number or letter sound. Have the children take a rock and toss it in the box. What ever square it lands on, the child must read, if they read correctly, they color in the square. Play till all squares are colored/

Draw a Road
My son can spend hours drawing streets and then driving either his bike or a toy car on the street. For the younger child, draw a street for them and encourage them to drive their toy car on the street.

Water Bottle Squirt Gun Erase Game
Draw stars on your driveway. Have you children or two teams of children race to squirt their star off the driveway.

Now get outside with a box of chalk!!!