July 17, 2024

I Swapped Some Soup Tonight…

I love cookie exchanges and have done them for years. If you can swap cookies, why not swap soup??? Somewhat healthier and still yummy, right? I did just that tonight and now have six quarts of yummy soup in my freezer!

My friend Nancy put together a soup swap tonight. About eight girls participated and soups ranged from Chili to Broccoli Cheese. I made Tex Mex Chili. I made six quarts of it and brought it to the swap. I left with six quarts of soup – all different. All the soups were displayed on a table.

Nancy had numbers on cards equal in number to the participants. Each person picked a number. Number 1 picks one soup, and so on, until everyone has had a go. Shuffle up cards and repeat until all the soup is gone. I would say that the pee soup was probably the least favorite but gave us the most laughs (so it kept things interesting). The most popular seemed to be broccoli cheddar soup.

Some interesting Soup Swap Links:

If you can swap soup & cookies, what else can you swap???
How about a casserole swap? Swap your home? Need some towel, try a Tea Towel Swap! Swap Your Toys… Wow, a jewelry swap!
I guess you can swap about anything… Hmmm?