June 17, 2024

Here We Go Steelers – Football Fun For Kids!!!

Pittsburgh is going to the Superbowl again! I spent the majority of my life in the great town of Pittsburgh. Moved here in 1980. Moved away from 1998 till 2003. Love the town and convinced my Vermont raised hubby to live here FORever… My family (especially my bro) are huge Steelers fans. I never totally caught the fever. You can find me shopping when the game is one (because the stores are empty in this area when a Stillers game is on). I love the Penguins though and enjoy watching Hockey. Football, don’t get it and really don’t want to know how it works. Still when the Steelers are doing well, I will jump on the bandwagon and cheer them on. O, did I mention my hubby is a HHHHHUUUUGGGGEEEE Cowboys fan? Ask him about the time Steelers and Cowboys played in the Superbowl and I brought him to a mostly girl Superbowl party??? One of his worst memories in life! Anyhow getting into the Steelers has been difficult for me.

Still I have some fun ideas to make Superbowl time fun for the 3 to 8 year old…

Check out the Teaching Heart Football/Superbowl page for the best ideas!

2 Free Printables From Teaching Heart!!! You can play these with your kiddos. My son loved the first game!

Football Drop Game
Directions, Pieces to make the game,and activity sheet included!

Football Rhyme Activity
Teacher Directions and student activity sheet included!!!

If you blogged about a childhood craft idea or lesson dealing with football, please share in the comments area. Thanks!