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15 Apr

Still on track with my diet and exercise. Sometimes working hard means you need to be inspired. I thought I would share who and what inspires me to keep on the weight loss track. I get inspired from watching the Biggest Loser and seeing how great the contestants are looking now-a-days. I really like Tara… I see a little bit of myself in her. She inspires me… She is like in the 190′s now and I think she looks fabulous! I love her attitude and her drive to win. I get inspired by the women at my gym. The really skinny ones... 

13 Apr

So glad to see so many people filling buckets by getting in on the Bucket Contest!!! You have lots of time to join the fun.. So get started filling some buckets today… Although, I can’t win this contest… I wanted to be part of the fun!!! So here is my Bucket filling post! There are so many people in my life that fill my bucket. From my parents and friends to my husband and kiddos, I am lucky to have so many people that fill my bucket daily… My children are familiar with the terms in the book; bucket filler... 

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