October 3, 2023

Bucket Contest Is Underway!

So glad to see so many people filling buckets by getting in on the Bucket Contest!!! You have lots of time to join the fun.. So get started filling some buckets today…

Although, I can’t win this contest… I wanted to be part of the fun!!!

So here is my Bucket filling post!

There are so many people in my life that fill my bucket. From my parents and friends to my husband and kiddos, I am lucky to have so many people that fill my bucket daily…
My children are familiar with the terms in the book; bucket filler and bucket dipper. They give me kisses daily and remind me that they are being bucket fillers. Sometimes my son will call me a bucket dipper when I punish him for something he does wrong… Moms often have to dip into that bucket, it’s a tough job! I know we are always hoping to fill a bucket when the time is right.
Just this AM, my daughter and son were playing with the marble run together. They did not notice I was watching and my son was being such a great big brother. My daughter kept taking away his marbles and he kept letting her although I could see he was frustrated… My daughter got up to do something else and gave my son a big hug and kiss and said, “good brother!” Then my son said, “I love you C!” My bucket was filled seeing them love each other. Then I began to think of Easter and how my children truly are drops in my bucket from God. God fills my bucket daily with the wonderful gifts of their lives!

Blogs I Challenge To Join in on the Fun:

Ramblings of a Crazy Women:
This is such a great blog. Right up my alley… Filled with lots of fun things to do with the little ones. The author is a stay at home mom of four kiddos and has this amazing blog. What a fun mom and preschool teacher! One of my favorite parts of the website is the Friday Showcase she hosts. She allows others to share a fun activity they have done with their kiddos over the week. I love seeing what people post at the Friday Showcase. Keep up the great sharing!

The owner of this blog happens to be a personal friend of mine… She is a great person and a super mom! I value her friendship and insight on things. I was so excited when she started blogging. I love reading all her posts. She also is a very talented jewelery maker… I highly recommend her creations.
Pre-K Pages Blog:
I feel like I know Vanna personally after years of visiting her site for ideas in my classroom and ideas at home with my kiddos. Her website is definitely one of the top ten in the k-3 world of sites. So many great ideas and resources. She started a blog awhile back. Check out her post The Secret. Vanna is a great teacher and I know she is filling her share of Pre-K buckets daily!!!!

Super Fun Mama:

I visit this site almost daily to see what neat ideas this Mama is working on with her kiddo! Mom blogs inspire me to be a better mommy and try to do more fun things with my children… It is great to see what other fun moms are doing. I really enjoy Super Fun Mama’s reviews, ideas, and crafts! She is always fun to read!

I have to shout out to the blogs that mentioned Teaching Heart in their Bucket Filling Entry. Please check them out!
Now if I nominated you, my hope is you will join in the fun and tell me on your blog about who fills your bucket. Also list at least three other blogs that you love and tell why you love them…. Then let those bloggers know you put some drops in their bucket. Invite your nominations to join in the fun at by reading these rules!!!! You could win a prize; but the award of filling others buckets will be a prize all on it’s own!