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8 Oct

I have heard of a Diaper Cake (my friend Mara makes awesome diaper cakes). You can see how to make one here: Have you heard of a candy cake??? Isn’t this so cute? My friend Nancy made this for her mom for her birthday. Thought I would share it! Thanks Nancy! Here is one for Christmas:  

6 Oct

You have probably read, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly to your kiddos. If you enjoyed that book, you will love this one and so will your kids. I created ideas to go along with There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed some Snow and thought I would do the same for There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat. Below you will find some of my ideas of how to use this in your classroom (Prek-2). You will also find many free printables I created to match this fun story. To order this book from Amazon, click here! Here you will find story pieces to match this book!                 Go to 

1 Oct

I am thinking of ideas for Thanksgiving since it will be at my home this year. I am surely going to do these napkin rings I saw in the Family Fun Magazine. They are sooooo cute!!! I can’t wait. Family Fun does not have a printable pattern for the vests or the hats. For the female hat I may just use a white circle… I will probably create a printable pattern and of course share it when it is done. Here is the link to the idea and directions on Family Fun!  

1 Oct

Boo a friend or a neighbor… Our neighborhood always plays Boo Your Neighbor over the month of October! You drop this note ( ) off at a neighbors with a treat. When I say drop off, I mean put it by their door, ring the doorbell and run. My kids usually do the ringing and running. Other Links About this fun October game: – Boo Grams – Go boo your neighbors.  

28 Sep

Witch Brew Dice Game You Need: 2-4 players 1 dice per gameEach player needs to cut-out their playing pieces -Click to download playing pieces!Key – Click to downloadPot set in the center of players. Players take turns rolling dice. They add 1 item into the pot based on the key. The person to fill the pot with their pieces first is the winner. Graphing SpooksHere is a graphing activity center. Which halloween character is your favorite Spook? There are two printables to match this activity. To learn how these graphs work, please visit: to download... 

25 Sep

I had a funny thought today while in Target & walking through the kids craft area, my daughter (2 1/2) has never finger painted!!! Bad mommy… but I was a good mommy to my son/ first born. In fact, he was painting since he was six months old (patting myself on the back). Not sure what he got out of that. Anyhow, I decided to let the kids finger paint today. We made Fall Trees! My son was into making the tree look like a tree and my 2 year old was more into feeling the paint on her fingers and rubbing it onto the paper. As my preschool teacher friend Amy would say, “It is not the... 

22 Sep

My son came home from school today so excited to tell me that summer was over and today was the first day of Fall. I looked at the calendar and confirmed that it was the first day of Fall. Fall is my favorite season. When I taught, summer was my favorite season simply because teachers get a few weeks off from teaching in the summer! Now that I am working all year round, Fall is my favorite season. I love the colors and the feeling in the air. I love pumpkins, mums, apples, and hayrides! I like layering clothing… However, the only thing I don’t like about fall is that winter follows... 

20 Sep

My friend Nancy came up with a great list of local birthday parties. I thought I would post it here in hopes it may help some one in the blogging world. Thanks Nancy for all your work on this!!! Local venues for kid birthdays Iceoplex 724-745-6666 jchapman@iceoplex.net2 packages to chose from- 1 hour public skate or 1 hour court- includes beverages, treat bags and hostess. Private room for hour 15 min. Includes 9 guests and birthday child. Prices- court $323(Pizza) or $303(hotdogs) skate- $210 (Pizza) $190 (hotdog) Trax Farms 412-835-3246×113 Ages 3-7. 3 packages to choose from included... 

20 Sep

She amazes me with all she comes up with. Have you entered her blogging contest yet?Visit Martha’s blog and make a comment.  

20 Sep

One of my favorite blogs, Tip Junkie is running a 10 favorite things in your house challenge… I thought I would participate since I already have most of my fave things on my computer. So here goes in random order… #1. My Southern Living Two Tier Tray!!! I LOVE THIS and use it all the time. It cost a lot for my standards, but I get so much use out of it. Here you see it all dolled up for a cookie exchange a few years ago. I keep it out in my kitchen on the island all the time. It has held many a cupcake, appetizer, and cookie. #2. My Sons Big Boy Room. I did the stenciling... 

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