May 18, 2024

Read for the Record 2011 – Llama Llama

Did you pick up your hardback copy of Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney when it was a Kohl’s Cares book this summer???  I did!  Guess what?  It is the book for Read for the Record Day on October 6, 2011! About Jumpstart’s Read for the Record: Jumpstart’s Read for the Record® is a […]

Daubing for Apples – Review Game

Love me some Bingo Daubers…  Here’s another activity that fits with a fall apple theme.  All you need is the activity sheet and a bingo dauber.  I programed this activity sheet with things my daughter needed to review.  I would call out an item on the chart and she would have to find it and […]

Cutest Book – How Rocket Learned to Read

At the bookstore the other night with the kids after a dinner out with the family…  One of my favorite things to do is grab a couple of Children’s books I have never read and give them a read.  I picked up this book called How Rocket Learned to Read.  The cover and the title […]

Leap Frog Sing and Learn With Us Review.

If you have some of the other Leap Frog videos and think that the characters on this will be similar to Tad found in LeapFrog Leapster¸ Educational Video: The Letter Factory, you would be wrong. This video is totally different than the originals. I suggest getting LeapFrog Leapster¸ Educational Video: The Letter Factory first and […]

Seven “Good to Know” Sight Words for Pre-K!

Seven “Good to Know” Sight Words for Pre-K! School districts do not expect kids entering Kindergarten to know any sight words.  However, if your child knows how to write their name, knows all the sounds letters makes, and can sound out simple three letter words with or without assistance; I feel that they are ready […]

Meet Our Sound Muncher…

Need to work on letter sounds, rhyming, or sight words? Need to work on other Phonemic Awareness Activities – Phonemic awareness describes the awareness skills used to detect, blend, segment and manipulate individual sounds in words.  Here’s a sure way to get your PreK to first grader excited about these tasks…  Make a Sound Muncher…  Meet Munchy, he’s […]

Getting Ready To Read With Environmental Print!

Environmental print is the print of everyday life. It’s the name given to the print that appears in signs, labels, and logos. Candy wrappers, labels on peanut butter and the M in McDonald’s are other examples of environmental print. For many emergent readers, environmental print helps bridge the connection between letters and first efforts to read. Infact, when […]

Spelling Words – No Problem!

It’s the end of the year…  The spelling words are getting more difficult and your child is getting more difficult to convince to practice!  Sound familiar?  Below are great ideas and resources to help you make spelling practice fun!!!  My favorite – Finger Spelling This activity is so much hands on fun! Place a plastic […]

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