September 27, 2023

Downloading Video to play on my Kindle for the WIRELESS Classroom

I found a Harry Kindegarten song that I wanted to play for my class.  FIVE LITTLE GINGERBREAD MEN LYING ON A TRAY!!!   Super cute when you see the motions this teacher used with the song and then watch Harry’s video here.   I was ready to purchase the song or CD…  it is not on ITunes and there is no CD of it YET.  I contacted Harry himself and he did not have a CD for me  🙁  .  I do not have Internet access or a computer to use in the classroom I will be teaching the Gingerbread Unit in… sooooo, the idea of bringing my Kindle in to listen to the song via the Internet is a good one….   but if you don’t have wireless access or broadband NO YOU TUBE FOR YOU in your classroom!!!   Thus three hours of research (which if you read this post and watch this video I will spare you the three hours and you will get it done in 5 min.)…  I figured out how to download YOU TUBE videos to watch offline.  I downloaded the videos to my kindle and smart-phone using an FREE app. called TUBE MATE…  watch the video and I will tell you more…  LOVE this app!!!