August 14, 2022

It must be St. Patrick’s Day!

Hmmm,  It must be St. Patrick’s Day…  A Leprechaun was surely at our house. Below are some fun snips from our St. Patrick Day 2012.  I surely hope your day was lucky and full of little blessings. 

Someone paid us a visit and he did not flush and he left his footprints on the potty too!!!  (Directions on how to do the footprints.)

My Daughter made a little trap with books, but that did not stop him from messing up her doll house.  He enjoyed a nice nap in her dollhouse bed too and left some magic behind.  Can you see it???

He wasn’t all bad…  He left a note with My favorite cereal that we only get when he stops by.  Yes, I had a bowl and loved it!!!  

Mmmm, it looks like he made a Rainbow cake too…. (recipe for that here)

Here’s the pretty RAINBOW batter ready to go into the pans…


 And a Scavenger Hunt that comes from OOPSEY DAISY BLOG!  (you can print that here)…  Thanks to Oopsy Daisy for sharing this with us.  It was so fun and easy!!!


It ended with a treat at the end…  In our broken Freezer…  Hoping someday my hubby will let me get a new one… it’s hard work hauling stuff from the downstairs freezer all the time.  For now this freezer is the perfect ending spot for the hunt! 

Hungry???   —  green lunch to enjoy!!! 

It’s a green tortilla with cream cheese and shredded cheese inside.  Cut a circle and a hat….  Use carrot sticks for the hair and beard.  Add some other green foods and lunch is served!  Also, add some green food coloring to your milk and create a little magic.

Ooooo , look he left Mommy a treat too…  Nice Green Guy!   Mommy’s beat and this will be the perfect ending to a fun filled day!  Well this and some frozen green grapes as ice.  Mmmmmmm!!!!  Have you visited Teaching Heart’s St. Patrick’s day page?  Go here to do that!