September 28, 2023

Wake up and get to it…

Yes I am in the middle of a dinning room make over.  In fact, every free moment I had this week was spent in my dining room tearing down the wallpaper… 

It took me a week of tearing and scraping and with three hours to myself on Friday, the last part came down.  I estimate that it took about seven hours of work to get the paper down.  I was so hoping to get started painting on Friday; but I was scheduled to volunteer at my son’s library…  Duty called and then Friday night came.  I decided to take care of a 4 week cold turned to sinus infection and found myself at the doctors getting antibiotics.  All home improvement stopped till today.  Off to Home Depot and we now have three colors of paint, a new Chandelier, and new fixtures for the outlets.  So have I started painting? NO.  

What have I been doing???  Got the kids to bed and found myself online Christmas Shopping and then I started thinking about cookies I will make for Christmas this year.  I mapped out the cookie baking and my dinning room remains colorless…  However, I have my cookie designs mapped out.   Red Stockings, Green Christmas Trees, and White Snowflake Cut-outs.  I ordered some fancy sugar for toppings, got my stars ordered for my cookie trees, and some sugar crystals for my snowflakes.  The dining room is still all white.  The furniture all pushed into the middle of the room.  A few scraps of wallpaper backing lines the carpet.  I am wondering if my hubby could be bribed to do the painting…  hmmm… what would be a good bribe? 

Maybe if all goes well, in a few weeks I can post a picture of my hard work…  A picture of the dinning room that is! 

Hey, love this book if you need sugar cookie ideas: